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Diet Supplements That Aren’t Hard To Swallow

Lavanda Michelle

When you’re trying to live your best life whilst in the prime of your life, there’s a lot you can eat and drink to stay healthy. Detoxing is something we schedule in from time to time to make sure we’re never feeling too sick on the inside, and we look forward to them. Similarly, there’s so many natural fruits and vegetables out there that make our skin glow when we actually make the effort to eat 5 a day.

And those can be incredibly tasty! But there’s also the other end of the scale, where the healthy things were meant to be ingesting are disgusting, and honestly hard to swallow. So, no pills, no lingering aftertastes, here’s the diet supplements you’ll actually want to complement your meals with.

IMG_3077Try a Shake or Smoothie

If you’re drinking some healthy shakes or smoothies from time to time, you’re going to be in…

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Lock 1.8

Lavanda Michelle

After his heart-felt prayer for Lock, William closed his eyes in silence. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Alex. Alex looked down at William with tears in his eyes and said, “They need you upstairs.” William ran from the altar and repeatedly pressed the elevator button but because that first minute felt like 20, William decided to race up the five flights of stairs. All he could think about as he ran was the distraught look on Alex’s face. As he continued up, he repeated out loud, “Please Father! Please!” as he made it pass each floor. The climb from the fourth to the fifth was the hardest. At this point, William was nearly crippled with fear.

The tears poured from his eyes as he repeated, “Please Father! Please!” Once he made it to the door of the fifth floor stair case he fell to the ground…

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The Weekend

Lavanda Michelle

CHELLEIf you are familiar with my blog, you know that my parents helped to shape the journaling addict I am today. My father ‘s love and mother’s nurturing ways cultivated my passion for writing.  I’m not surprised that my daughters love to write and tell stories too.  They all have diaries and journals. I was happily surprised today when one of my daughters came to me and wanted to know if she could share her story on my blog. OMG! Tears. I couldn’t deal. So today I would like to introduce you to my creatively unique 11-year daughter, Zaya. The following is part 1 of  “The Weekend.”


Whew! The weekend was a terrifying, but fun two days! Would you like the good news or bad news first, huh? Good news? (*nervous laugh*) Annywayyyys, bad news coming right up! I wouldn’t call it bad, but it was pretty scary. So, this is what…

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The Day After Halloween

Lavanda Michelle

The first day in November was the first sign of Christmas when I was growing up. On Halloween night, my mom and dad would stay up late taking down all the scary decorations and replacing them with all things Christmas. I can remember my mom kissing me good night and asking did I enjoy trick or treating. I don’t recall ever saying no because I was always able to fill my bucket with treats galore.

My mom would then smile and she’d say, “Tomorrow is a new day. Oh, what shall we celebrate?” She would pause for a moment as we rubbed our noses together. She’d continue, “I wonder what the night would bring?” I always went to sleep Halloween night excited and ready for November 1st. It was both me and my mom’s favorite day. It was also the start of our Christmas countdown. Yeah, I know there is another…

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The Weekend (Part 2)

Lavanda Michelle

Weekend Part 2.jpgDid I leave you with a cliffhanger? I’m sorry about that (*nervous laugh*). Well, at least I have the 2nd part right here for you! So anyway, enough of this little intro thing I guess. Let’s move on.

The Weekend 

“Oh, be quiet!” I hollered while rolling my eyes. I kinda figured she was joking because of all those little pranks she comes up with. “No, I’m serious!” she screamed back at me. Then there was a moment of silence followed by fast approaching footsteps coming down the stairs.  I look to see her standing there out of breath as a few drops of tears fell down her eyes. “Come and watch Stranger Things with me you big baby,” I said, although it was not what I wanted to do. I wanted to sit and watch it alone in peace, without her asking every question in the book.

I walk back to…

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Lavanda Michelle

When I was a young girl, Thanksgiving for me was like Sunday Dinner Supersized! I recall playing dolls with my sister Tonja while the house filled with such pleasant moments, starting the night before. My lovely mother baked 8 sweet potato pies and three different cakes. You would certainly find my pinkie-finger print along the bottom of the coconut cake and eventually was revealed at Thanksgiving dinner.

As I became older, I was allowed to peel the corn, then eventually allowed to help dice up the trinity.  The trinity is a combination of white onions, celery, and green peppers. This was certainly my favorite because my mom would add them to my favorite dish, stuffing or dressing, the name really depended on who was coming to dinner.

While in college, I spent Thanksgiving with my sister Debora and her new son, Sean. I remember talking on the phone with my mom…

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A Zebulon Thanksgiving

Lavanda Michelle

Growing up in a big family with four brothers and four sisters, I was the baby girl of nine. I absolutely love being around my family so I had been excited about Thanksgiving for weeks. I was going to Zebulon, NC to visit two of my beautiful sisters and their families.

Since my mom and other siblings will be celebrating together in Illinois, I was slightly disappointed that the crowd would be smaller here. My oldest niece, Ashleigh, just finished an overseas trip after graduating UNC-Chapel Hill, and my other beautiful niece, Tyshonna will be spending Thanksgiving with friends from college. After the momentary disappointment, I was excited to see my sister’s home that she had renovated and did some DIY projects.


As we pulled up to her home I just enjoyed the sound of the country gravel driveway and the feel of a ranch-style home on 2 acres…

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